The Pacific Office
108 SQFT

Starting at

CAD $35,000.00

  • The footprint is 135 SQFT with a usable interior office space of 108 SQFT
  • Covered deck (without a deck, pricing starts at $23,900 CAD)
  • Prefabricated
  • Thoughtfully designed, functional
  • Sloped roof
  • Large window allowing for beautiful natural light


  • Flooring material
  • Choice of exterior stain color
  • Choice of exterior siding material
  • Window and door location, per project
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electrical hook-up options
  • Power outlets
  • Smart home options
  • Insulation
  • Security system/cameras

**Please contact us to confirm pricing


  • 135 SQFT footprint
  • 108 SQFT interior office space
  • Covered deck
  • Interior vaulted ceiling
  • LED lighting
  • 8 electrical outlets
  • Electric heating
  • Environmentally friendly interior and exterior insulation
  • CSA A277 Certified
  • High efficient windows and doors


  • We deliver anywhere in North America
  • Placed via crane
  • On site prep including permitting, foundations, site services, shipping, and install at additional cost

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Our prefabricated and efficient building process requires less time and labour, saving costs.


We use clean construction methods and build with renewable materials from local and sustainably managed forests.


Each home is expandable, modular and offers interior and exterior customization options.


We build in a controlled indoor environment that isn’t affected by traditional issues of weather or other common delays.


We can take care of everything from permitting, design, building, site prep, and installation.


From purchase to delivery can take as little as 12 weeks.

CSA Certified

All of our homes are CSA A277 certified.

Canadian Made

Proudly handcrafted in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

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