As the strongest and most sustainable building material in the world, mass timber or CLT is carbon sequestering and consumes the least energy of all major building materials.

Cost Savings
Whether you are building a laneway house or a secondary residence on agricultural or recreational property, traditional building takes up to eight months longer than the clean, prefabricated construction of Hewing Haus. Our homes cost an average of 30 percent less because the portable and efficient building process requires less time and labour.

Speed of Construction
From purchase to living in your own home, Hewing Haus can take as little as 12 weeks. Designed to maximize living, our floor plans are prefabricated which means they can be constructed efficiently and moved on site and completed quickly and quietly.

Each floor plan is designed to work as a single residence or be combined together for a larger prefabricated dwelling. Residences range from 200 to 600 Sqft in size and can be customized with exterior options ranging from a green roof to expansive decks. The interiors of each residence are also designed with efficiency and multifunctional use. For more, check out our floor plans and customizable options. >>