We believe in building with a purpose. Our homes are meant to be lived in. So it’s important to us what materials are being used, and how they are crafted.


A tried and true process

We build every part of our homes indoors, which means we have no weather delays and no moisture impacting materials. Our efficiencies are higher, there’s very little on-site construction disturbance, and way less material waste – plus our team is happy to not be out in the rain! Through our prefabricated process, we don’t rely on subcontractors, which helps with quality control and timelines.


Quality & sustainability is at the centre of everything we do

We build with renewable materials from local and sustainably managed forests, including cross-laminated timber and operate with an energy-reducing building process. Building off-site at our warehouse lessens our carbon footprint, decreases material waste and causes less disruption. With a continual vetting of our vendors and supply chain, we strive to ensure sustainability every step of the way.


Add your personal touch

Our team will work with you to customize your home throughout the design process. This includes everything from exterior finishes and colours to interior layout, fixtures and elements. Our designs are modular and expandable so there are lots of options to customize to your location and lifestyle needs. Also for those looking to build off-grid, we have plenty of options including solar power, wood stoves and green roofs.


Say goodbye to over-budget surprises

With traditional construction, budgets often grow throughout the project, often far exceeding the original expectations. Here at Hewing Haus there will be no awkward conversation about going over budget. We guarantee our price. Also because of our design process and efficiencies in building, this allows us to give you a delivery date so that you can plan accordingly with your finances.

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