Smaller-footprint dwellings
that are beautiful and sustainable.

Laneway Homes, Accessory Dwelling Units, Off Grid Retreats



Environmental Benefits

Carbon Sequestering
Built with renewable materials from local and sustainably managed forests, Hewing Haus builds carbon sequestering dwellings that mitigate climate change instead of adding to it.
Cost Savings
Built with modern materials and efficient clean construction, Hewing Haus costs an average of 40% than comparable laneway homes and accessory buildings.
Expandable & Portable
Each dwelling is designed to function as an accessory buildings to a larger space, prefabricated and installed in significantly less time than traditional construction.


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3 days ago

Hewing Haus

Just getting started on the day and it’s already been so busy! Thank you so much for stopping by. If you haven’t had a tour, or heard about our sustainable approach to Accessory Dwelling Units, come by today until 9:00pm, or tomorrow from 10-6! ...

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4 days ago

Hewing Haus

Amazing second day at the Home and Garden Show! We met so many amazing people today - thank you all for stopping by. We are here for 2 more days and would love to tour you around your future CLT laneway home. #homeandgardenshow ...

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The process of working with Hewing Haus was frictionless and fantastic. From choosing our laneway home to having it completed on our property took only a few months and saved us thousands. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful space.
– Katie Dunsworth-Reiach