Renewable and Sustainable Building

At Hewing Haus, we build renewable and sustainable dwellings. Using innovative mass timber construction, our accessory dwelling
units are built in Vancouver, BC to the highest energy standards and designed for backyard and laneway homes, Air B&B’s, or remote vacation properties. Drawing on 15 years of luxury home building at Rockridge Fine Homes, we are excited to launch a new kind of dwelling.
Expandable. Customizable. Off Grid Ready.


With sustainability and quality in mind, our units are made from mass timber. Chosen for it's strength and durability, and environmental impact in...
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We are an experienced and passionate team of designers and builders, with a reputation for excellence in our work with clients at Rockridge...
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Our units are built to the highest quality and energy standards, thereby reducing future energy costs for our customers and minimizing environmental...
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Hewing Haus is using CLT with the vision to build Accessory Dwelling Units using renewable and sustainable wood products.